Getting More For Less – 5 Benefits Of Downsizing

Getting More For Less – 5 Benefits Of Downsizing

We all know that downsizing is hard. Where do you start to get rid of things? How much space do you actually need? It’s emotional and it’s exhausting. But what’s the upside? Keep reading and find out the 5 benefits of downsizing and how it can be so liberating!

5 Benefits of Downsizing

1. Smaller house = smaller costs.

A smaller home will cost less to buy but it will also cost less for property taxes, maintenance and utilities. And who doesn’t love that?

2. Reduced environmental footprint.

Your environmental footprint is reduced because you’re using less hydro, less gas and less water. You can feel good knowing your impact on the environment is lower AND your monthly energy costs will go down.

3. More time for fun.

The time it takes to look after a smaller home is less than your larger home. It doesn’t take as long to clean it, or to maintain the yard. You’ll have more time for golf, fishing or travelling or whatever other activities you WANT to do, rather than those you HAVE to do.

4. More money in your pocket.

Depending on how well you make out selling your larger home, you may end up mortgage free, with a few bucks to spare. You can invest that money or do something you’ve always dreamed of. Take an exotic holiday, get your dream car or share it with your kids.

5. Less space.

I know this might seem like a negative at first, but it’s really not. Once you’ve gotten rid of your surplus furniture and belongings, a smaller space is easier to keep tidy. You don’t have a ton of space for clutter, so you tend to buy less. You’ll find yourself carefully weighing your purchasing decisions because you simply don’t have room for a lot of unnecessary things. And that will save you even more money!

Without question, downsizing is a difficult and stressful transition. But if you remember the benefits listed here, it will make it all worthwhile in the end. Any sadness you feel at leaving your larger home will be gone after a brief period of time and your excitement to be moving onto new adventures will take hold.


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