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Step 1: Envision your new space

Think about everything you do in your house and where you do it, your current home might have a room for each activity, but that might not be possible in your new smaller home.  Think of ways to maximize space:

  • work at your dining room table and keep paperwork in a cabinet
  • install a foldout desk in a family room
  • install a murphy bed
  • use room dividers to seperate spaces in one room
Step 2:  Purge
Here are some quck and easy wasy to get rid of your stuff
  • sell it online
  • consign it
  • donate it
Step 3:  Know your limits
Most small houses will need some work, before starting your search here are a few questions to consider
  • how much work are you willing to do?  Ask me for names of local companies who can do the work for you
  • are the type of changes you want to make safe and legal?
Step 4:  Savor the Perks of a Small House
  • it’s less expensive to heat
  • your property taxes are lower
  • you have more money to spend on travel, food, retirement
you have less house(and fewer bathrooms to clean!)
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