Organizing From The Inside Out – The After Effects of Downsizing

Organizing From The Inside Out – The After Effects of Downsizing

Organizing from the inside out is about creating a system based on you – your personality, your wants, your expectations and what works for you. While there’s more than one way to do this, following is a basic system to help you get started.

  • First you need to assess what the obstacles are that are holding you back, where you are now, and where you’re headed. Ask yourself why it’s important to get there. Once you understand the obstacles, you can take steps to overcome them.
  • Second, you need to create a plan on exactly how you’re going to achieve the results you want, as well as a schedule so you have a timeline for when each step needs to be completed.
  • The third and final part is to put the plan into action and make the changes you outlined in the second step. Get in there and sort through the “stuff”, sell, donate or otherwise get rid of the surplus and you’ll be well on your way to being downsized.

The after effects of downsizing

But what are the after effect of downsizing? Well, you’ll feel better. You won’t have the burden of too many possessions and what to do with them. You won’t have to worry about where to put them or how you’re going to make them fit in your new, smaller home.

You’ll have less stress – physically, mentally and financially. With a smaller home, your monthly costs for heating or cooling, other utilities, taxes and maintenance will all be reduced, making it financially easier on you.

And with less personal belongings and less space to look after, you’ll have more time and resources to do things you want to do instead of doing things that need to be done. You can get started on your bucket list, travel, visit with friends and family or take up the hobby you sacrificed years ago because you had too many other things to do.

With less commitment to your home and belongings, you’ll have more time and energy to commit to things that make you happy or which fulfill you – church, charities, hobbies, sports, hanging out with your grandkids or playing with the neighbors dog.

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