The Up Side Of Downsizing

There comes a point in a lot of peoples’ lives when they want to simplify things and move into a smaller home. It’s a big step to take and can sometimes be a confusing or difficult time once the decision is made.

In the next few articles, we’ll take a look at some of the things to consider when downsizing including what some of your choices are, whether it’s a mobile home, smaller house, condo, or care home, the pros and cons of each, whether or not you might need a storage unit or what to do if you want to get rid of one.

To start downsizing, one of the first things you’ll need to do is declutter and get rid of some of the things you’ll no longer need once you move to your new, smaller home. First, you’ll have to decide how important each item is and whether or not you can live without it. Once that’s done, you can move on to the next steps.

The up side of downsizing

Donate belongings to family members

Your kids might want a certain item they enjoy or have a sentimental attachment to – so go ahead and give it to them! This way it stays in the family and you can still enjoy it when you visit them.

Have a garage sale

You might not get a lot of money for your items, but you won’t have to move them, store them, or find them a new home. If you have items in boxes in the basement and you haven’t look at them or needed them in the last year or more, it’s time for them to go. A garage sale is the perfect way to have someone else take these items away for you.

Recycle items

For items that are simply not sellable, or not needed, take them to the garbage dump or the recycling facility where ever possible. You’d be surprised what the recycling depots take these days, so if you aren’t certain about something, give your local depot a call and ask if they’ll take it.

Eliminating unnecessary or unwanted items before you move reduces the amount of work you’ll have to do after the move, making it that much easier to settle into your new home.

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