Is the spring market here?

It’s a beautiful day in Nanaimo, lots of sunshine and both buyers and sellers are calling with questions about what the spring market will bring.  When we lived in Winnipeg we were told never to plant anything until after the May long weekend because of the risk of frost.  Yesterday I dropped my daughter off at work and the store had flowers for sale ready for planting.  Since we are the “California of Canada” I would say the spring market is here right now.  When I arrived at the office this afternoon the landscaper was trimming trees and there is a change in the feel of the market.  I think it makes sense to get ahead of other home owners considering selling their home by getting on the market now.  Mutiple offers are still common in our market which means there are more home buyers than sellers.  Even though the Vancouver market is cooling off, we are still feeling the spillover in the Central Island area.  Markets can change quickly too so getting your home on the market now means you can capitalize on this busy market.  All levels of government have brought in changes to the home buyers tax and interest rates.  Some are designed to slow down the Vancouver market and others are to help first time home buyers.  The basics of the market remain the same, unless we get alot of new homes coming on the market the pace of the market will remain very active.  Here are three things to work on now if you are going to be selling your home;

1  Landscaping, make sure the curb appeal is first class, rake the leaves, power wash the driveway.

2  Kitchen, whats need to updated?  new door handles and some paint can make a big difference.

3  Bathrooms, a new tap perhaps? light fixtures can help too.

I suggest home sellers invest 1 to 2% of the asking price in some form of updating and improvements. I would be pleased to meet with you to review your home and offer some ideas.