5 Tips For Getting Rid Of A Storage Unit

5 Tips For Getting Rid Of A Storage Unit

A storage unit can be a great help during times where you may have an excess of belongings and need a bit of extra space. Having a storage unit forever may pose as a bit of an issue if items have been forgotten or unused. Especially if you are looking into moving into a new home or possibility downsizing to a smaller dwelling.

Deciding on whether or not to keep an item can be difficult, so here we have a couple tips for getting rid of your storage unit.

Getting Rid of a Storage Unit

1. Family Heirlooms

Give them to other family members or relatives who would appreciate the sentimental value. If it’s in a storage unit, chances are you haven’t looked at it or used it in a long time. Evaluate whether or not it really is something to hold onto or pass along.

2. What Can be Sold

Put a few ads on Craigslist, Kijiji or UsedNanaimo. You may be surprised by the response you get. Sometimes a family less fortunate than yours may want to buy some of the items and it’s a great feeling to help out someone who might not be as lucky as you are.

3. Donate to the Salvation Army or Charity

We all know there are a lot of people in need out there. So why not support those families by “recycling” some of your unneeded possessions. Just because you no longer want the item, doesn’t mean someone else won’t appreciate it. Be sure the items are in reasonable condition though and don’t use the charity as a dumping ground for items that no longer work or are in poor condition. Call ahead to find out what they’ll accept or what they need.

4. Recycle

A lot of recycling companies such as the Return-It Depots now accept a large number of home electronic items. Some even accept old paint cans and other household hazardous materials. Check their website at www.Return-It.ca for more information about what is acceptable and what’s not, or give them a call if you have a specific item you are unsure of.

5. Toss it Out

For items you simply have no use for, or which don’t work, take them to the garbage dump located at 1105 Cedar Rd. Most items that can’t be recycled can be taken here, but check the website at www.rdn.bc.ca for more information and hours of operation.

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